A n e w P e a r l S t o r y

b e g i n s h e r e

A n e w

P e a r l S t o r y

b e g i n s h e r e

Since 1981, and as a pioneer of the pearl industry for more than 40 years, we have been importing South Sea Pearls and wholesaling them domestically in Japan as well as exporting all over the world.

We are a trading company specialized in South Sea Pearls of excellent quality originating from Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti and other areas.

Our main export markets are Hong Kong, America and Europe. The most important concept of our company is to supply top quality South Sea Pearls to the entire world.

Natural gemstones blessed by nature - We want to bring South Sea Pearls to the world.


Natural gemstones made by absorbing the blessings of nature
delivering South Sea pearls to the world

  • Approximately 95% of the black pearls originate from Tahiti, French Polynesia. Some are also produced in Fiji, Micronesia and the Cook Islands.

    Peacock colors are considered to be the rarest and most valuable, but green, blue, and gray tones are also mysterious.

  • Most of the silver-lipped pearls are produced around the north to north west coastal areas of western Australia. Indonesia also produces some silver-lipped pearls.

    The pearls in silver pink colors are the most beautiful. Pearls in bluish pink colors are also very attractive.

  • Pearls are produced mostly in Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar.

    These pearls are a rich gold color with pink tones and are considered to be the most valuable.

Thorough quality control by these six factors

We do not handle any goods which do not correspond to our high grade quality standards.

In order to provide the beauty of South Sea Pearls,

we have made quality control a principal of our company since it was established in 1981.

We do not handle any goods which do not correspond to our high grade quality standards. In order to provide the beauty of South Sea Pearls, we have made quality control a principal of our company since it was established in 1981.

Dealing with more than1,000companies worldwide

Dealing with more than
1,000companies worldwide

Since our establishment, we have been specializing
in South Sea pearls and carefully purchasing them one by one.

The pearls we purchase are carefully selected and evaluated by our skilled staff.

The pearls are shipped all over the world with skill and love,
and we spare no expense to make them shine with the brilliance as created by nature.


Due to the great effort given to the Tahitian pearl industry, I had the honor to receive a Chevalier medal from Mr.Gaston Flosse, President of Tahiti.

The speech of Mr.Gaston Flosse, President of Tahiti on this occasion is as follows:

Mr. Shimizu has been a pioneer on Tahitian black pearls since 1978, and he has invested through his tremendous purchases from our industry. He has made a big contribution by offering Tahitian black pearls all over the world and through these efforts he has brought substantial benefit for our pearl industry. From the beginning stages of Tahitian black pearls, he has ontinuously dealt with us and created a good mutual relationship throughout more than 30 years. Mr.Shimizu started to purchase Tahitian black pearls during his time at Golay Buchel and then in 1982 he established Hosei Co.,Ltd. to offer Tahitian black pearls all over the world.

Since 2004, I have acted as a chairman of the Japan Pearl Exporters’ Association and enjoyed being part of the leadership of the industry for over 18 years.

When I was appointed to be a chairman of Japan Pearl Exporters’ Association it was a historical and important moment in our industry since this promotion was the first time for a person who had been dealing only in South Sea Pearls and not Japanese Akoya Pearls to be appointed.

Up until then, all of the past chairmans of Japan Pearl Exporters’ Association were appointed out of people who only handled Japanese Akoya Pearls.

At this important turning point, the Japan Pearl Exporters’Association contracted with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to participate in the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show which is known to be a leading Jewelry show in the world. Here we started the JAPAN PEARL PAVILION for the first time.

We brought recognition about the JAPAN PEARL BRAND, and its quality was very essential to expand and widen reach, so that overseas buyers visiting us could be dealt with trust, confidence and reliability.

At Jewelry shows in Hong Kong and in Japan,
we are well known to always supply
excellent quality South Sea Pearls at maketable prices.

Hong Kong International
Jewelry show

Hong Kong Jewelry shows are held 4 times annually, and we understood the importanceof these shows and started to participate from a very early stage. In order to stimulate the Japan Pearl Industry, the Japan Pearl Exporters’Association builtthe Japan Pearl Pavilion for the Hong Kong Jewelry Shows that offer quality, confidence and reliability to the customers that visit from all over the world. Therefore, we at the Japan Pearl Pavilion are very highly respected by overseas buyers who participated at these Hong Kong Jewelry Shows.

Japanese Jewelry Shows held
in Kobe,Tokyo and Yokohama

We started to participate at the jewelry shows held in Kobe from 1996 to offer to the buyers good quality South Sea Pearls. Customers buying from us are extremely satisfied with their goods and return back to us with satisfaction. At the same time, we participate in Jewelry shows held in Tokyo and Yokohama as well.